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>> brent: hats off to lamichael james. you know? tough night. not taking the rest of it off. had some cramps. came back. returned punts. broke the career rushing record. that's incomplete from darron. there are the stats tonight. 54 yards. and a touchdown. so, auburn and lsu, they are shutting down. there is the catch and the pass in the middle. out to the 40 yard line. >> kirk: if there's anything for the pac-12 teams to learn. you don't have a lot of defensive linemen in the pac-12, the way you did with lsu and auburn last year. but you have to commit to the line of scrimmage and the running game and take your chances with darron thpassing a. it's not like the pac-12 hasn't tried that in the past. that's what they're trying to do this year.
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another's more about the receivers. jeff mail's not lined up there. but they have to come on with their route running to help thomas and james in the backfield, if oregon's going to turn it around and get things going. they're not going to play another defense close to what they played tonight. >> brent: they did not. the ducks, who we're talking about. is he going to pick it up? the clock will stop. and a nifty little run. i can't tell you how much i admire james, who keeps on battling here, with time running down. want to go back to the defense. only one turnover tonight. and it was just a blunder on the part of lsu. the quarterback was walking to call time-out. and the center snapped the ball past him. and the ducks recovered the loose ball and gets the field goal after that. go back to the auburn game. they forced the fumble late. there were issues forced by that defense.
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cliff harris, suspended. one of the big differences with oregon. we did see turnovers. >> kirk: going back to the championship game. darron thomas, career high in pass attempts. had 40 against auburn. and he broke that tonight because he had to throw the football 52 times against another powerful s.e.c. defense. could be fun to watch lsu continue to move and grow. spread the offensive coordinator, coach stud, really, i thought, early in the game, they were feeling their way. but give them credit. the numbers aren't crazy. 275 yards. 98 yards passing. when they sense blood in the water. there he is in the middle. and steve kragthorpe off to the right. >> brent: he was the offensive coordinator. then, struck with parkinson's disease. now, he's the quarterbacks coach. he has worked with jarrett lee. it's good to see him back on the field.
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and coach stud on the left-hand side. he's a veteran offensive line coach. they did a good job up there. >> kirk: they did. and steve has done so much, for. he called at bowling green. and he left to go to utah. >> brent: first down and goal. there's david paulson. so, the ducks, trying to get another touchdown here, in the final 22 seconds of the ball game. and the freshman's first touchdown. de'anthony thomas, number 6. and what a career he figures to have up in eugene. out of crenshaw high school. there was a verbal commitment to usc. he went to eugene. he liked the teammates and the coaches. when he gets stronger, he won't be fumbling the ball like that. they won't be knocking it out of his hands. he'll get stronger.
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it will be a much stronger grip on the football. one of those unfortunate things. now, he has his first touchdown. >> kirk: not only that. but the drive. the drive in this game. you're down. the game's over. and it's easy to just shut it down and say, you know what? it doesn't really matter. what do they care if we score or not? the first game of the season. a head coach is looking for more than just execution. a head coach is looking at heart. who is going to compete? even though this game is over, who wants to continue to compete? that time the offense competed down the field. >> brent: i see oklahoma and alabama staying there, one, two. and lsu would climb to three. and boise state and florida state. you tell me. >> kirk: i think you're going to see lsu move up. probably up to three. boise state, if they're able to hold on and secure a victory, against georgia, they're going to be there around four.
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you said it earlier. we've been talking a lot in the preseason, if boise state got by georgia, they'll be favored the rest of the year. the big issue will be, if they run the table, they'll be favored in every game. and alabama and oklahoma and lsu lose down the road, undefeated boise. we get into this debate every year. >> brent: it's final. >> kirk: it's over. undefeated boise down the road, they're going to be the team that everybody will be wondering, can they create the controversy for the bcs? >> brent: they could be the ultimate bcs buster. they up -- kellen moore, another outstanding quarterback. >> kirk: think he had four incompletions tonight. >> brent: the onside kick. one thing that utah state will practice, after an onside kick, don't wait for it to come to you. and randle did just that for lsu. that will do it. the tigers, prevail here. got 12 seconds left.
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they bring the offense out for one, final snap. they will get in the victory formation. and the hat has done it again. that's the peak in that cap that les miles wears. that's how he got that nickname. you look at his record, folks. one word will describe him. underrated. we make fun sof the time management problems and chewing grass on the sideline. but les miles does a heck of a job of coaching. and he did here. getting his team ready after that distraction. shake hands. mathieu with the big forced fumble on the punt. let's check in with erin andrews. >> erin: if you told us what
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you've been through, an exhausting couple of weeks. with everything that went on off the field with your team, you play your backup as the starter tonight, in a national championship setting. how do you put this into words? >> our football teams united. they play together. you put a ball on a line. they'll scrap you for it. it's a great group of guys. >> erin: you told me before the game, you wanted just to have fun. and stay calm. when did you notice he was doing that? >> well, i think he did the things we needed to do to win. and he makes the plays that we really need to have him. so, it's all progress. all a process that he'll have to go through. he played better today. >> erin: and the defense really did some things that you like. what was the key in finally getting through to oregon's tempo? >> to me, we played within an intensity that started the first play and ended the last play. and i challenged them, as did
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our defensive staff. john chavis did a great job. but we asked them to be ready. and ready was a big word. and you know, they ran a tempo offense. it's a fast pace. and the reality is, we were ready. >> erin: you were,much. and jarrett, you've been through so much the past couple weeks. also in your career here at lsu. put tonight in words. >> it was just -- you know, it was a great win for us. we knew we had a lot on our -- a lot on our minds coming into this game. we knew we had to stay focused. we played hard. we ran the ball well. we stayed focus. they're a great football team. give credit to them. but we played hard and got the "w." >> erin: appreciate it. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> brent: erin, thank you very much. and, herbie, your final thought on this win by lsu? >> kirk: it's been a long time since we saw the two top-five teams play in the opening
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weekend. there's a lot at stake here. with the bcs, that's the way it set up. lsu prevailed. and the battle at the line of scrimmage. and jarrett lee. he did what he had to do. he managed the game. made smart decisions and avoided the big mistakes. and put himself in position to win. you look back at the third quarter when lsu got after the true freshman, de'anthony thomas and forced two turnovers. >> brent: congratulations to both schools playing a game like this to start the season with so much on the line. lsu beats oregon, 40-27. next saturday on college football primetime, espn at 8:00 eastern, we'll go to ann arbor. michigan takes on notre dame. won't that be something? thanks for watching espn on abc. now, we take you to the studio for the ford wrap-up. and here's robert flores. take it away, robert. brent, thanks. for the third-consecutive season, boise state opened their
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season with a team ranked in the top-20. tonight, it was the georgia bulldogs in a neutral site. not really neutral when you consider it was in the atlanta, georgia dome. seven-yard score. boise state beats georgia, 35-21. at the georgia dome. another s.e.c. school, auburn, defending national champions. they got all they wanted from utah state. and auburn scores two touchdowns in the final 2:08 to become the first national championship to lose their season opener the next. michigan in 1998. michael dwyer. the team they beat in the final game of the regular season in 2010, alabama. no problem with kent state. trent richardson, three touchdowns. carried it just 13 times. 37 yards. alabama wins, 48-7. nick saban is 2-0, against his alma mater. couple other s.e.c. schools. florida no problem with florida
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atlantic, 41-3. south carolina spotted east carolina, before stephen garcia came in at quarterback. game tied, 36-37. andrew luck, back for another season. right now, he's a heisman front-runner. 175 yards, 2 touchdowns. and stanford rolls over san jose state, 57-3. and stanford came in ranked number seven. their highest preseason ranking since 1950. notre dame and south florida. south florida, coached by skip holtz. coached at notre dame. graduated from there in 1976. and south florida beats brian kelly and the irish, in south bend, 23-20. next week, the irish head to the big house, where michigan beat western michigan, 34-10, in a game that was called because of lightning.
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ohio state wins, 42-0, other akron. and penn state wins, beating indiana state, 41-7 opinion joe paterno in the press box for the 2011 opener. this has been the ford wrap-up. we'll see you next week. we're going to head on into the interview. evan, sandy . . . evan .. what pushed you toward the explorer? it was less expensive. better technology inside. there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. how does your music gear fit in there? it fits perfectly. i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetras. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. do you want to borrow my keys.
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did.
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>> tropical storm only islamic lee is slamming the gulf coast. a man is electrocuted. a big update on the missing iphone 5 prototype. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening.
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for staying with us. am rebecca cooper. lee is causing damage, drenching parts of louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. this is quite a storm. lee is slamming the gulf coast. as 37 -- 37,000 utility customers are without power. the heavy rains and winds are of low-lyingation areas. houses and businesses are getting flooded. massive flooding, and driving rain. it looks like it is going to be rough. tropical storm lee already the gulf coast. i do not want to be a victim that. 20 inches of rain in louisiana almost six years ago katrinaat hurricane
11:49 pm
swapped new orleans. moving painfully slow. rest is a lot of rain in a period of time. dozen of pumping stations can move a 19 million gallons of minute. are taking no chances, and grabbing sandbags securing anything outdoors, even lawn chairs. >> i am not afraid of a flood because of the height of the it is the wind i am about.ed tornado warnings across eight counties in mississippi in 16 parishes in louisiana, residents on emergencyup supplies. we will hope for the best and and prepare for the worst. alabama beaches are nearly empty. mississippi's postal casinos are open and reporting a brisk business. 21 to 37 oil platforms and 23 now evacuatedare
11:50 pm
because of safety concerns. for the latest on tropical lee and the holiday forecast, let's turn to speak is live in the weather center. lee righttracking now. at two miles per hour with maximum winds at 50 hour.per it continues to dump a ton of across louisiana, mississippi, and the panhandle florida. lookit the rain toll. almost 10louisiana, inches. a 24 hours total. closer to home, a cold front off the north and west of us. this will move our way tomorrow. our eyes are not only focused on lee, but katia is on the move. will have the details on the in just a few minutes. the ongoing cleanup after
11:51 pm
irene continues. was electrocuted while using a ladder. we have a reaction from the victim was the widow. people do not always dangeroushow electricity can be. saturday night, those who hernandez best, including his widow, returned to the place where the man lost his life in an instant. she says, you might know how i feel. at a home owner hernandez and another day laborer to trim a tree in the front yard. neighbors suspect that tree theained damage during hurricane. there was a ton of debris everywhere. authorities say on saturday hernandez was working, the tip of his letter close to lake high voltage
11:52 pm
line.y power hernandez had no chance as nearly 8,000 volts hit his body. the fire melted part of the latter, jarred the ground, and killed the father of four. >> calling clay, the council area, says her father was an electrician and her often about the associated with electricity. there is power running all through the community. kill you as the lead. a homeowner told me that he was out of town and was not at time of the incident. he declined to comment further of our additional questions. the youngestne of irene. of hurricane friends and family gathered at manassas park high school to remember katherine marsalis who in a car accident saturday at the height of storm. signals were not working. collided with
11:53 pm
vehicle. her >> she had the biggest smile on face no matter what. always encouraging to others. always trying to make else happy. students at tonight's a vigil bracelet in her honor. welloung teenager was liked and a student at the at school. she played both soccer and .asketball the fbi and department of security are issuing a warning about an al qaeda threat against small planes. say al qaeda was considering using small planes in new terror attacks. parties stressed there is no attack. >> still to come, new clothes in in aruba.y hoping to learn released video.
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plus, remembering 9/11. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that.
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[ male announcer ] the new ci citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's youstory? citi can help you write it. >> police hope new video will them find a missing woman maryland. robyn gardner and her traveling .ompanion were spotted investigators put someone in a magazine the couple and shed disappearance. gerris dano is a suspect in the woman but the disappearance. in custody in aruba. domenik strauss, and may be headed back to france. he was spotted leaving his new .ork apartment this afternoon reports he is paris.d to fly to leadingonsidered a before heal candidate of sexually hotel maid in new york. charges have been dropped. will see or what she run for
11:56 pm
president? palin still has people guessing. made an appearance today at party rally in iowa. she assailed president obama and the country was in trouble because of his failed policies and -- his failed policies. brother that obama is a big of this weekend with the family at camp david. tomorrow the president will head paterson, new jersey, which was floated in the wake of he is all but soap -- also preparing for a major speech thursday. >> still to come, turnaround. saying aboutre not missing iphone 5. ♪
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>> you are watching abc 7 news, on your side. nationalmithsonian history openrican exhibit to mark the 10th of 9/11.ry more than 50 items recovered site at crash

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